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Tour of Chiswick House, London

Tour of Chiswick House, London

Chiswick House is situated in an historic and interesting area dating back to the Bronze Age. Susan Llewellyn Associates took a group of Interior Designers and like-minded people on a walking tour of the area which focused on the 18th Century, building up a picture of the period, finally arriving at Chiswick House, the exquisite Palladian villa completed by Lord Burlington in 1729. This building has at last been recognised as a unique example of the style which set a future trend and fashion for classical design.

Lord Burlington and his protégée, William Kent, have given designers and scholars a wonderful source of inspiration, enabling students to look at the past, bring ideas into the present and project them to the future.


Workshops and Tours


Inside almost everyone is an interior designer wanting to escape and, to gratify those who want to unleash their hidden designer, Susan runs courses and tours. She explores all aspects of the design process, whether the psychology of design, drawing up a brief, working with suppliers, trend forecasting, colour matching, soft furnishings or building up a portfolio.

Or, if you are interested in the history of design, you could accompany Susan on one of her tours during which she shares her knowledge and perspective on buildings, art and design.


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