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The best kind of client testimonial is a recommendation to a friend or colleague. Over 30 years in practice, Susan has enjoyed plenty of referrals from satisfied clients. Some also write to share their appreciation and below are a selection from both clients as well as students and delegates.



North London home "With Susan nothing is impossible and she will tirelessly find you something that is perfect for you and your needs. With her help, our house has slowly transformed into a beautiful place to relax and we couldn’t have done without her team.”

Modern design for new offices "Susan Llewellyn Associates were wholly transparent about costs, explaining everything as they went along so there were no hidden surprises. It was such an enjoyable and fun experience working with them, I was sorry when it was over!”

Arts and Crafts House, Sussex “Susan Llewellyn has recently been helping us design the interior of our Arts and Crafts home. Susan had helped us with interior design work in the past and we were pleased to be working with her again. 

Susan took on board all of our thoughts, ideas and inspirations as well as our day to day routines and practical requirements for both now and in the future. We have many ideas of our own which have always been taken into consideration, with discussion and advice from Susan. My wife and I are both creative people, therefore, it has been a team effort. From the seed of those ideas, together with the experience, knowledge and design expertise provided by Susan, a scheme has been produced which is now in the process of being implemented to provide us with the perfect home we have been striving to achieve for some time.

Contemporary office space "In 2009, in order to improve or expand my business, I knew I would need to move from the office space we had occupied for the past 9 years (The Crypt of St Luke’s Church, SW3), and I found a magnificent space just down the road, six times larger than we were in. But it was an empty, u-shape space. What appealed to me was the extra room and the amazing light, however, I was told by “all” that it would be a horrendous risk financially, and got the distinct impression people thought I had gone mad!

I got in touch with Susan Llewellyn of Susan Llewellyn Associates, who immediately visited both sites. She gave me her advice, composed a scheme, told me the costs involved and gave me the encouragement to go with it. We signed the contract with Susan Llewellyn Associates in April and moved in on 29 June 2009!

From that day, the business improved dramatically and has continued to, which must be down to staff morale as very few clients visit our premises. Everyone who does visit raves about the offices: tasteful, glamorous and chic. They admire the detail, the light fittings, the wallpaper, the layout of the offices, etc. When people use the boardroom, they are reluctant to leave.

It has been the best thing I did and I know, for the future, I would never make a move without Susan Llewellyn Associates."

Students/Course delegates

Course delegate "Susan Llewellyn has been an inspiration and a constant source of support and encouragement. Having her as a tutor, mentor, boss ... has in no small measure contributed to making me the designer I am today, and the lessons she has taught me continue to steer me towards becoming the designer I can be tomorrow.”

Course delegate "Thank you all for a fabulous day yesterday. It was most enjoyable and I came away feeling confident, brimming with ideas and able to fully embrace my own projects at home. I really appreciated the opportunity to lean on your experience – I learnt so much!”

Course delegateThanks again for making me feel so welcome and for sharing your knowledge – I had no idea I was obsessed with brown and cream! I have given your suggestions a great deal of thought and am now determined to be more adventurous with my interior schemes.”

Student from the Business of Design course “Taking this class has been the best thing I have done for myself in recent years. I have learned how to proceed with the client and about the many formal documents necessary. I am really happy and more confident now. Thank you.”

Course delegateAs a mature student I thoroughly enjoyed studying with Susan and she really inspired me to fulfill my potential.”

Course delegateI would like to thank you very much for being such an inspiration and for support and guidance in my career.”

Course delegateThank you very much for today! It was very instructive and fun as usual. I have learnt so much from you both. I wish you great success with the Academy and am sure you will get it!”

Course delegate “For those interested in interior design and particularly the Arts and Crafts style, visits to Emery Walker's House and William Morris's Coach House workshop are 'must see' visits. The unique interior of the first, and chance to see Morris's original design drawings at the second, are a real treat for both experienced and novice interior designers. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides at both venues further help to bring this period of design to life. A most enjoyable day. Thank you."

Course delegate “I was very fortunate to have worked under the direction of Susan Llewellyn. Her guidance and plethora of knowledge is second to none. Susan's critiques are invaluable and bouncing ideas and thoughts around the table with her is the only way to brainstorm!

Susan's passion for interiors and their history is contagious, her involvement and excitement really gives you a boost, inspiring you to really embrace your project. Thank you, Susan, for helping to unleash my creative side, providing me with the confidence and self belief to take on any project!"


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